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Research in Transportation Economics Call for Papers

Research in Transportation Economics, a peer-reviewed journal published by Elsevier, invites papers regarding road pricing in the United States to be considered for a special issue of the journal, tentatively scheduled for the Summer of 2014. Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome. All submissions will go through a peer review process.

Before submitting complete papers, please submit a 1-page extended abstract by October 1, 2012. These will be reviewed and authors will be notified if their paper fits in the issue. To submit your extended abstract, or if you have any inquiries, please contact guest editor Mark Burris at or 979-845-9875.

For more information about Research in Transportation Economics, visit the journal web-page:

Tentative timeline:

  • Extended abstract (1-page) due: October 1, 2012
  • Initial submissions due: April 1, 2013
  • Initial referee reports due: July 1, 2013
  • Revisions due: November 1, 2013
  • Final manuscripts due: February 1, 2014
  • Publication: June 2014

2012 Summer Meeting

Join us for the 2012 TRB Policy Committees Summer Meeting: Mapping the Future. June 25-27, 2012 at The Beckman Center in Irvine, California.

The economics committee was busy at the 2012 TRB Annual Meeting – January 22-26, 2012. The many sessions which this committee was the sole or joint sponsor are listed below. This type of collaboration goes a long way in our goal to encourage other groups to use sound economic principles in their research efforts.

Comm. Meet.

Congestion Pricing Economics Joint Subcommittee of ABE25, ABE20
Jan 23 (Mon) 7:00AM- 8:00AM
Macroeconomic Impacts of Transportation Energy Research, Innovation, and Regulation: Where Are the Jobs? Part 1--Alternative Fuels and State Carbon Plans (Part 2, Session 283)
Hilton Jan 23 (Mon) 8:00AM- 9:45AM
Macroeconomic Impacts of Transportation Energy Research, Innovation, and Regulation: Where Are the Jobs? Part 2--Fuel Economy Standards and Other Green Energy Initiatives (Part 1, Session 229)
Hilton Jan 23 (Mon) 10:15AM- 12:00PM
Issues in Transportation Economics: Marginal Cost of Travel, Value of Time, Value of Reliability, Vehicle Miles Traveled, and Economic Activity
Hilton Jan 23 (Mon) 2:00PM- 3:45PM
Economic Impact and Environmental Sensibilities of Ferry Transportation
Shoreham Jan 23 (Mon) 3:45PM- 5:30PM
Comm. Meet.

Transportation Economics Committee
Hilton Jan 24 (Tue) 8:00AM- 12:00PM
Podium 571
The 2012 Economic Census: Uses and Risks for the Transportation Community
Hilton Jan 24 (Tue) 1:30PM- 3:15PM
Podium 573
Transportation for National Parks and Public Lands: Promoting Livability, Sustainability, and Strong Local Economies
Hilton Jan 24 (Tue) 1:30PM- 3:15PM
Podium 631
Pricing of Risk in Public-Private Partnerships
Hilton Jan 24 (Tue) 3:45PM- 5:30PM
Podium 672
Three Key R's of Public-Private Partnerships: Regulation, Risk, and Revenue
Hilton Jan 24 (Tue) 7:30PM- 9:30PM
Podium 732
Value of Reliability and Predictability in Transportation
Jan 25 (Wed) 10:15AM- 12:00PM

TRB Joint Summer Meeting
, July 10-13, 2011, Boston, MA
The ABE20 Transportation Economics Committee Meeting is 2:00 to 5:45 pm on Monday July 11.
Please also join us for the session on the Value of Travel Time Reliability at 2:00 pm on Tuesday July 12.
Meeting materials are now on the website.

The Transportation Benefit Cost Analysis website is available at

Transportation Economics Committee Sponsored Events at the 2011 TRB Annual Meeting
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