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Use of Economic Analysis in Transportation Project Selection

The TRB Transportation Economics Committee (ABE20) initiated a new poster session, the Use of Economic Analysis in Transportation Project Selection at the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC since 2015. This session provides a unique opportunity to share with an international audience the experience of different agencies using economic analysis to help with transportation project selection.

The Poster Session is designed to highlight how economic analysis (such as benefit-cost analysis, life-cycle cost analysis, etc.) was used to help with project selection. The objective is to share and discuss research findings and case studies that identify best practices, examine the use of techniques to evaluate difficult concepts (such as resiliency, connected autonomous vehicles, ride sharing, smart cities, and others), and promote the use of economic analysis in the decision making process. This could be for the selection of a specific project, choosing among alternatives, selecting multiple projects as part of a program, or all of the above. 
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