ABE20 Draft Research Needs Statements (RNS)

  1. Analyzing Travelers’ Responses to C/AVs based on Previous Technology Adoption Experiences and Developing a Deployment Roadmap (37kb docx)
  2. Economic analysis tools that help transportation agencies plan for C/AVs (19kb docx)
  3. Long-term travel behavioral changes due to Connected/automated vehicles (21 kb docx)
  4. Multimodal Tradeoffs for Investment Decision-Making (14kb docx)
    • There is a real need to get realistic estimates of the mode shift potential from investment in these highway alternative modes
    • there is increased recognition of the externalities produced in the transportation sector
    • The idea of investment for system-wide efficiency, is something that needs to be explored
    • Leading: Starr McMullen
  5. Reverse Auctions to Renew and Expand Public Transportation in the US (23kb docx)
    • Issues with the public provision of goods
    • Issues with current “high bid auctions” for subsidies
    • Advantages of Reverse Auctions in Expanding Access to Transportation
    • Leading: Ralph Erickson/Ric Geddes
  6. Estimation of Cross Price and Own Price Elasticities (31kb docx)
    • Estimation of own and cross-price elasticities of different surface roads and across modes
    • Attempt to develop updated own price and cross-price elasticities for various road pricing
    • Development of best practices as to pricing and service rules based upon market scale and geography
    • Leading: Jonathan Peters, and Cameron Gordon
  7. Automated vehicles : Impact on travel behavior and cost of travel. Impact on VOT if people can work in their vehicles
    • Leading: Nancy Bergeron
    • Volunteer: Karen White
  8. Data for Decisions and Performance Measures to put economic measures of the benefits of research
    • Leading: Nancy Bergeron
    • Volunteer:Rimon Rafiah, Jim Gillespie, Yiyi Wang
  9. Wider economic benefits of large transportation projects and network configurations - problems of measurement and evaluation under consideration of risk and uncertainty
    • Leading: Dr. Werner Rotthengatter
  10. Permanent controlling of cost and benefit streams for transportation projects in the context of building information modeling - a concept for integrating cost and benefit calculations into BIM
    • Leading: Dr. Werner Rotthengatter
  11. Surety Best Practices for Public Transportation (15kb docx)
    • A "Surety" is a performance bond required by federal level to be posted by construction contractors
    • Perhaps reach out to other committees (revenue and finance, public transportation) for joint development
    • Perhaps include international best practices
    • Leading: Robena Reid
    • Volunteer: Nicolas Estupinan
  12. Economic Principles in Advance Disaster Planning (15kb docx)
  13. Impact of Doubling Carpooling and Vanpooling (15kb docx)
    • To provide an economic basis for estimating the benefits of increasing carpooling and vanpooling
    • Methods of incentivizing the change of behavior
    • Leading: Paul Minot
    • Volunteers: Mohammad Amin, Bismark Agbelie
  14. Benefit Cost Analysis of Anticipated CAFE Standards (20kb docx)
    • Leading: Mike Lawrence, Gabe Roth, Ralph Erickson, Don Pickrell
    • Volunteers: Bismark Agbelie, Karen White, Gabriel Roth, Georgina Santos, Kara Kockelman, Alex Marach
  15. Behavioral Aspects of Parking Pricing
  16. Assessing the Economic Benefit of Transportation Infrastructure Investment in a Mature Surface Transportation System
    • Cambridge Systematics TRB Project and PDF Report
    • Section 3 of the report has some big picture economic issues that deserve research and are part way to being RNS statements already
    • Volunteers: Sisinnio Concas, Kara Kockelman, Susan Binder, Shiva Shrestha, Sayba Mishra, Jon Peters

TRB ABE20 Transportation Economics Research Needs Statements

Completed Research Needs Statements (RNS)


  1. Taxi Usage, Pricing, and Urban Transport - Technical Analysis (20kb docx)
    • Per trip car usage markets as a component of urban mobility
    • Leading: Jon Peters
    • Volunteers: Karen White, Dan Graham, Nicolas Estupinan, Gabriel Roth
  2. Taxi Usage, Pricing, and Urban Transport - Optimal Regulation (20kb docx)
    • Per trip car usage markets as a component of urban mobility
    • Leading: Jon Peters
    • Volunteers: Karen White, Dan Graham, Nicolas Estupinan, Gabriel Roth



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