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Critical Issues

ABE20 Guidelines for Revising the Critical Issues

Committee members may view the associated MS Word file for the issue area you are working on, edit the document, and save the new version. The plan is to then email members (and friends) informing them of the posting and soliciting comments.

In revising the issues, here is a suggested checklist:

  • Our goal is to supplement the TRB's statement - “Critical Issues (2005)”- by adding the economist's insights.
  • Consider all modes.
  • Cover urban, intercity, and rural.
  • Include passenger and freight.
  • Consider efficiency and equity impacts.
  • Consider technology as to its applicability to the issue and how to determine whether the technology is worthwhile (this was 2002 issue no. 13, the only one not mapped into the newer issues, because it was downplayed and applies to most issues).
  • Review the new issues proposed by ABE20 to see if you want to incorporate any of those ideas.
  • Consider the roles of pricing, regulation, and capital investment.

Remember that we are trying to inject the economics perspective into these issues, and don’t need to cover every aspect. We don't necessarily need to propose a solution or recommend any policy, but rather to raise questions from an economic viewpoint. We also need to be succinct and persuasive, which means minimal jargon, an absence of bureaucratic blandness, and avoidance of repetition of the obvious.

Current Critical Issues

NumberCritical IssueLead and Support
1Congestion: Increasingly Congested Facilities Across All Modes.Doug Lee
2Emergencies: Vulnerability to Terrorist Strikes and Natural Disasters.Jan Husdal*, Doug Lee
3Energy and Environment: Extraordinary Challenges.Todd Goldman
4Equity: Burdens on the Disadvantaged.Steve Fitzroy subcommittee
5Finance: Inadequate Revenues.Chris Mann*, John Merriss
6Human and Intellectual Capital: Inadequate Investment in Innovation. 
7Infrastructure: Enormous, Aging Capital Stock to Maintain.Daniel Brod*, C. Mann, C. Gordon
8Institutions: 20th Century Institutions Mismatched to 21st Century Missions.Cameron Gordon 
9Safety: Lost leadership in road safety.John Merriss, Jagadish Guria
10Transportation Impacts on Land Use.Elena Safirova
  * = lead person